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Various Zones @Shanti Hopskotch

      The Hopskotch campus is designed on the concept of "Freedom of Movement and Thoughts", which is visible at every Hopskotch center. Keeping the fact in mind      that every child loves space and freedom to move around wherever s(he) wishes to go, Hopskotch's learning environment provides considerable space for each        activity to be performed by the children. To make it more effective we have divided the centres into following 8 development zones for specific learning:

Aqua Zone is equipped with a splash pool, as every child loves to play in water, splashing, and pouring water. Aqua zone is specially designed to establish water play and social interaction with other peers through fun filled games and activities.

Art Zone is created to equally emphasize on the right brain development of every child. This zone inspires every child to be creative with blank easel board, marker pens, and paint brushes, etc.

Discovery Zone is the most amazing place for toddlers. They are amazed to know, discover with small experiments and learn concepts like heavy/light, balancing/dark and light, more /less, shape, sizes, serrations, cooking and many other interesting concepts.

Nature Zone is an excellent zone, where every child experiences the nature with garden activities. Here every child gets involved in growing fresh vegetables, leaves, plants, fruits, etc. and also learn the concept of planting , watering and growing. This zone helps every child to improve on the espective observations power.

Pet Zone: is made to inculcate the responsibility, belongingness and caring attitude, among all toddlers at Hopskotch towards animals and other living creatures. Children relate to pets and the animals in their surrounding easily. They love watching, feeling, feeding and grooming of pets.

Play Zone is a highly active and energetic zone. It is definitely a fun place for every child with play station installed on soft floorings. It helps them to develop physically and mentally stronger along with gross motor skills.

Sand Pit Zone is one of the favorite places for our young toddlers. It is a treasure bed where we arrange a treasure hunt for them hiding different interesting things. Playing with sand helps the children to develop the fine motor skills.

Transport Zone is a fun place too and it helps understand the traffic rules as well as discipline on the roads. This zone has toy cars, where the children love driving cars imitating to follow the traffic rules, lane and signal discipline.