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(Program for 2 - 3 years age group)

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C - Child's
H - Holistic
E - Exposure
E - Encouragement
Z - Zone

Every child needs exposure and encouragement in formative years of growth. Shanti's Hopskotch has designed the CHEEZ programme keeping in mind the balance required between care and nurturing as well as the multi-dimensional exposure required at a tender age. Primary focus of the CHEEZ Programme is to provide a safe, fun-filled environment for a holistic development.

The CHEEZ Programme has a maximum emphasis on touching, feeling, listening, speaking and experiencing. At a tender age, children are fragile and have to be handled with great care. Hence the primary focus is to let them be themselves and at the same time, allow them to explore the world around them. Though no formal learning happens, the children are prepared to socialize, be independent and develop basic life-skills.

CHEEZ Program at Shanti's Hopskotch is a stepping stone to Preschool Education