• Shanti's Hopskotch

Hoppers - Nursery

(Program for 3 - 4 years age group)

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The Hoppers Learning Programme is a unique blend of formal and informal learning modules. A step up from the CHEEZ, the programme allows them to attach meaning to their environment. Hoppers programme is based on the primary fundamental of encouraging query and learning through conversations and creative engagements. Though the interactions are a little bit more complex but are lot more fun too.

The Learning curriculum in the Hoppers programme enables the learners to pick up simple language skills, get introduced to numeracy, life skills and environmental science. It allows the learners to explore the surroundings but with a little more intent and focus. The young learners start adapting to peer interactions, team work and in the process ensure social, cognitive and emotional development.

Exploring extended classroom environments, nature and understanding of self, further rekindles the curious minds of our young ones. Listening, following instructions, operating in a more structured manner comes into play at this level. Learning to cooperate, sharing, having small tiffs, experiencing simple struggles, learning to say sorry, thank you,forgiving and becoming friends again are all part of the learning process at Shanti's Hopskotch.

You will be amazed to see the pace at which our children learn and adapt during the Hoppers Programme at Shanti's Hopskotch. It's a pleasure for all of us to be part of their learning journey at Shanti's Hopskotch.