• Shanti's Hopskotch

Additional Interesting Areas @ Hoposkotch:

Knowledge Tree is the library corner with beautiful, interesting, colourful books. This is also a place for knowledge sharing by story telling sessions through puppets being used, dsplayed and played through the puppet theatre.

Beats and Bounce is a high energy area for every child, as this place is equipped with different kinds of musical instruments and varied techniques to play with them. Children enjoy playing music and dancing on the beats while they stimulate to the music being played. . They also learn to respond to music in rhythm indirectly developing their gross motor-skills.

Story House is the fantastic place for all children at Hopskotch, as they sit together and listen to the stories with their teachers, who would help them develop the listening, communication and social skills. While the story is being narrated children sit back and visualize the characters and logically differentiates the various characters. Children enjoy role plays and enact out different stories here. This zone is also decorated and used for different celebrations.