• Shanti's Hopskotch

Jumpers - Junior KG

(Program for 4 - 5 years of age group)

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The Jumpers programme at Shanti's Hopskotch is designed to ensure wholesome development of the young learners in progression from the Hoppers Programme. The programme aims at not only age appropriate learning of language, numeracy and environmental science but also exposes children to the beginning of formal learning and preparation.

Through the Jumpers programme, we begin with a more structured program so as to encourage them to be able to develop more interest in the activities performed, engage them in the learning, develop communication skills, vocabulary, logical thinking, creative thinking, socializing skills, physical coordination and above all a quantifiable out come.

Children also get an opportunity to work in a group and understand as well as respect each other's spaces. The over all idea is to facilitate learning with fun. Children learn to appreciate and develop an interest for Art and Dramatics which eventually allow them to express emotions and feeling in various ways. Exposure to multimedia adds flavour to the program.

In short, through Jumpers Programme children at Shanti's Hopskotch take one more step for the preparation of formal learning.