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Managing Director

Welcome to Shanti's Hopskotch !

We believe that preschool is a place where a child's journey of exploration, discovery and fun begins. A child learns a lot in the foundation years of their life.

We believe in the concept of providing "Freedom of Movement and Thoughts". We intend to facilitate the thinking process rather than teaching them what to think. It has been our goal to create an environment which is safe, nurturing and conducive for learning.

At Shanti's Hopskotch, there is ample scope and space for a child's experiential learning, developing confidence and communication skills - a learning for life time.

You, as a parent, are making a valuable investment in your child's life by enrolling your child in Shanti's Hopskotch. What a great joy it is to share and experience your child's early years! It is an honour and a pleasure to have your child at Shanti's Hopskotch.

Thank you for considering us to be part of your child's growth and development.

Vineeta Chiripal
Managing Director
Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited