• Shanti's Hopskotch

Racers - Senior KG

(Program for 5 - 6 years of age group)

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The Racers programme is designed to prepare the young learners for a formal learning process. Main areas are; the development of language & communication skills, creative thinking, numeracy, logical thinking and reasoning skills, environmental science, working in groups respecting each other, sharing, taking turns, development of physical coordination, playing structured games.

There is an emphasis on vocabulary building to a great extent since language is the base for most of the learning. Varied use of print and phonics, role plays and dramatics, interactive learning solutions etc. ensure that learning is interesting and creative.

This programme is an advanced learning program for enabling the children to be confident. Through this program, it is ensured that the transition from the Preschool becomes smooth. The program also promotes to develop curiosity and an eagerness for life long learning.

The Racers Programme at Shanti's Hopskotch proves to be child centred program with individual attention which creates an opportunity for the young learners to be confident while they step up for the formal learning.